Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Misconception Between The No Contact Rule & How To Get Her Back!

No contact rule and how to get her back has somehow become the same, and I'm going to go further in-depth about why this is huge problem and misconception.

Yes, no contact is a critical element in the how to get her back formula. It's an important tactic to utilize when it comes to how to get your ex girlfriend back. Is it the only tactic that should be used? No! Is it the complete process or formula on how to get an ex back? Unfortunately, the answer still is no.

No contact is not the full strategy on getting her back. It's a single tactic. To clear this up, just using no contact doesn't give you the best odds of success in getting her back. There are minor cases where this tactic has worked by itself, but for most cases it wont.

This misconception about no contact and how to get her back is one of the greatest reasons for failure, as most will get the impression that all they need is no contact in order to win her back. This is hugely common mistake that needs to be cleared up, as many out there have this frame of mind!

All break ups are not identical. There are numerous and different reasons why a break up occurred. Every break up situation is unique. In some cases like when you have children with your ex girlfriend, the no contact rule cannot be applied. So if you're putting all your money on just one tactic, your odds of success will be substantially lower.

A complete strategy or formula on how to get your ex girlfriend back encompasses various steps and tactics to cover many situations. A full strategy usually has three stages (not steps) that will include how to handle the break up, how to win her back, and how to keep her for good.

It is advised that you do seek a complete blue-print on how to get her back, and there are top guides and resources that can give you an above 80% chance of success in getting your ex back. These are the top guides and are listed below:

  1. Pull Your Ex Back (For Both Men & Women)
  2. The Magic of Making Up (For Both Men & Women)
  3. The EX2 Back System (For Guys Only)
  4. Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back (For The Ladies Only)
Two of these guides will help both men and women to get their ex back, but the bottom two are specific formula's catering to only one gender. All these guides are effective and back each one as reputable. 

The last guide specifically for you ladies is made by the same guy who created the EX2 System For Men, and since I used the information in the EX2 system with great success, I will back the "Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back" and recommend it.

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