Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Win A Girl Back Do You Tell Her You Are Dating Other People?

By Tyler Graves

The jealousy factor in trying to win a girl back is quite a controversial discussion of debate. There are those who advocate it highly, and those who don't. So in order in to win a girl back do you tell you are dating other people?

It's true that jealousy is a powerful emotion. It makes us do crazy things. Yes, a little bit of jealousy is good, even if you're in a relationship. However, too much jealousy can be really unhealthy. To answer the question: No, you do not need to tell your ex girlfriend you are dating other people.

The act of doing so is quite immature and transparent. If she broke up with you and you call her up and go, "Hey, I'm dating other people," she will see right through it. She'll know what you're up too. The whole jealousy card can backfire if not played right, and shoving it in her face is not the way to go.

If she asks, you still don't even have to tell her. A simple, "Maybe," can do wonders. Just a hint here, but if she asks that's a good sign she's still not over you yet. Parading the fact that you're dating someone else is not a good way to win back your girlfriend.

You don't bring your date to somewhere you know she hangs out at frequently. If you and your date are somewhere and she happens to show up then that is fine. You have no control over that. However, don't go out of your way to bring your new date where you know your ex will be. That's just being a plain jerk.

The jealousy tactic alone wont win back a girl. It's just one tactic among many to complete a full, proven plan to get your ex girlfriend back.

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