Friday, October 8, 2010

How Can You Get Your Ex Back - Does The No Contact Rule Work?

So you're wondering how you can get your ex back. If you've already tried to get her back without much success and you're frustrated at doing all the wrong things, it's time to learn how you can get your ex girlfriend back correctly.

One of the best techniques to apply is what's called the no contact rule. A lot of people who've already heard of this technique wonder does the no contact rule work? The answer is yes. Yes it does if it's applied correctly.

My friend Vin Jones personally endorses this technique as he used it to help win back his ex girlfriend successfully. The keyword is "help" here. Vin used the no contact rule as just one powerful technique in his over-all strategy to get his ex girlfriend back.

What a lot of guys make the mistake of is just thinking that no contact will get them back with their ex. This is far from the truth. There are so many steps to take, and pitfalls to watch out for.

Every break up situation is different. Some are mild and some are extreme. The more extreme or nasty a break up is, the more work you have cut out for you. That's a simple fact. However, another fact is that no situation is hopeless.

Another factor to keep in mind is how long have you two been together? The shorter you've been together the less time you will have to achieve in getting back together with an ex girlfriend. The longer you've been with her the more time you will have in getting her back.

Going back to my friend Vin, he knew his girlfriend for two years. They weren't together for two years. Actually, they started off as friends before they became lovers. However, they knew each other a long time before the break up and Vin used this to his advantage.

So how can you get your ex back? Here's some tips:
  1. Stop doing crazy. Stop with the constant emails, texts, phone calls. This is harassment and your ex girl wont appreciate it. At all!
  2. Stop fighting the break up. No more trying to work things out nor convincing her of getting back together.
  3. Accept that it's over at least for the time being. The more you're in denial the more it will drive you nuts.
  4. The No Contact Rule - Go into no contact. Give your ex some space. Stop bothering them, and let them miss you.
These tips should help get you on the right path. These tips will increase your chances of success. However, they wont dramatically increase your chances. To dramatically increase your chances you will need a proven formula and plan that will show you the exact step by step blueprint.

Stop asking how can you get your ex back, and learn Exactly how you can do this the right way.

by Tyler Graves

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