Friday, September 10, 2010

Extremely Bad Advice On The Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

There's so much bad advice out there on ways to get your ex girlfriend back that you can immediately tell whoever wrote them didn't even go through the experience of a break up, do the research on how to get back an ex girlfriend, and used what they learned to actually get back an ex girlfriend.

They tell you to shower them with attention and to be attentive and show them that you care. This will advice will absolutely drive your ex girlfriend so far away from you, they might as well live on another continent. If I had followed this poor advice about 3 months ago, there would've been no way I could have gotten my ex girlfriend back.

I'm glad I went through the break up with my ex girlfriend. I'm glad I did the research on the right ways to get your ex girlfriend back, and I'm glad I applied what I learned and got my ex girlfriend back. I'm glad because I know what works now and what information is right, and let me tell you these are not the right ways to get your ex girlfriend back:

BAD ADVICE #1 - Shower your ex girlfriend with attention.

Are you kidding me? She broke up with you. Why would you reward her with attention? Most of all, why would she want you to shower her with attention. This kind of advice is bunk, concerning how to get your ex girlfriend back.

BAD ADVICE #2 - Be attentive to her.
Once again, why would you be attentive to her. If she gave you your walking papers, the last thing she'll want is you to be attentive to her. yeah, be attentive to her if you don't want to get your ex girlfriend back. Go ahead and try it. You'll see this wont get you very far.

BAD ADVICE #3 - Show her that you care

God, after I read this, I shook my head in disgust. After a break up, this is the last thing you should ever do if you want to get back your girlfriend.

Okay, now let's get back to the real world. All the advice above is something that you're friends or some lame romantic comedy would advise you to do. Now, some of the ways to get your ex girlfriend may not seem logical at first, but let me advise you that they make perfect sense after I explain it. If you've just gone through a break up recently, trust me when I say that you're not thinking rational.
So are you ready? Here are the correct ways to get your ex girlfriend back:


Don't you dare try to chase. Chasing her will only lead to nothing good. After a girl breaks up with her boyfriend, she will feel relief for the first week or so. This is a sad fact. She will feel relief, because her decision to call it off was not a spur of the moment thing. Chances are she thought about the break up quite awhile.
So, the only thing you're doing when you shower her with attention is showering her with unwanted attention. Is this a good way to get your ex girlfriend back? Think about it.


How can you be attentive to someone who doesn't return your calls or text messages? The only thing you're doing here is showing her that you have nothing better to do. This is when you start texting her a million times a day and calling her all the time. This is when you become an annoyance to her.

Don't be attentive to her. Be attentive to yourself during this time.

Showing that you care only leads you to try and convince her that she's the one for you, but doesn't convince her the least bit that you're the one for her.

When you show that you care after a break up, you might as well pigeon-hole yourself in the friend zone, and is that where you want to be? No, you want to get your girlfriend back as a lover. Not as a friend.

What happens when you show her that you care, and she doesn't return the feeling? You're going to get frustrated and start fights with her.


Ever hear of that song? Well, it applies concerning how to get your ex girlfriend back. Like I mentioned before, a female will feel relief a week or so after calling it off with a guy. However, if you disappear from her life, this will eventually force her to miss you.
After the feeling of relief is gone, your ex girlfriend will start to feel lonely and miss what the two of you had. Can you see now how the advice I began this article with is bad advice on how to get your ex girlfriend back?

When you are no longer around, you force her to taste life without you in it. This is when she will cool off and begin to rethink her decision of breaking up with you. Giving her the gift of missing you is one of the best ways to get your ex girlfriend back, and this can only be done if you're not there.

Trust me. When you stop the insane text and phone call terrorism, when you stop trying to convince her to come back to you, and when you stop being a part of her life is when you'll spark her curiosity. She'll begin to wonder why you haven't called, why you haven't begged for her to come back, and whether you've found another girlfriend.

So stop taking bad advice and start learning the correct ways to get your ex girlfriend back. Still not convinced? Download my free report that goes further into these ways to get your ex girlfriend back and why they work.

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  1. Hi! I found very interesting what you wrote here. I've been with my ex girlfriend for more than five years, she broke up with me 10 months ago. During the break up I did lot of mess, calling too much begging, etc ... we were fighting sometimes over the phone and other times talking normally. She said I've been pushing too much. I was talking to her before Christmas with and she said "I had in many times in my mind to give you a second chance but I didn't because of your bad behaviour!" ?!?! Then the 23 dec I brought her a nice boquet of roses and a giant Christmas card with "I love you" written on it, we were taking after that but not about the relationship and at the end I asked her can I hug you? She said yes and I could see her eyes very shiny almost cryng ... ?!?!? I don't understand .... I'd like to ask you some help please! i wish I could get her back ....

  2. You have fallen into the friend zone with your ex girlfriend. Your ex gave you every clue...which I've been stressing over and over and over and over in this blog to back off and give your ex a taste of life is like without you in it.

    You have been pushing too much and you've been treating her as if she was your only "option." Do you know what separated you two in the first place or why she may have broken up with you?

    Read more of the articles on my blog about the no contact rule. You are apparently chasing and NOT attracting her back enough to want to be with you. Also, check out the recommended resources I have all over this blog.