Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Simple Mistakes You Are Making To Win Her Back!

As of now, you've probably done everything you can think of to try to get her back. What am I doing wrong? I've tried everything, you tell yourself.

Yes, you've tried everything, but you've tried all the wrong things. You need to try the right things in order to get her back.

So what am I doing wrong, you ask?


Remember the saying, "go with the grain" when you sand a piece of wood. The same applies here. After a break up, you're logical approach is to try to convince her to get back together. You give her every pitch like a used-car sales man trying to get someone to buy a used car when they want a new car.

Tell me, is that going to work? The more you try to force someone to change their mind, the more resistance you're going to get.

Go with the grain. It's the only thing you can do. Pleading and begging is going to make you look worse. Fighting with her about it is just going to cause arguments that will annoy her.


Okay, give your ego a rest and actually put yourself in her shoes for a minute. Let's pretend you're the one who broke up with her, and now she's calling and texting a hundred times a day trying to convince you of getting back together. What are you going to think about your ex girlfriend?

You're probably going to think she's nuts and thank god you broke it off with her. You'll probably even wish that she would just leave you alone. Can you see how she's feeling now?


After a break up when the desperation kicks in, we are constantly haunted by the question of how to get her back. We brood over it until it consumes us. Why do we do this?

We do it because we start telling ourselves lies. You know what I'm talking about. Those lies that tells us we will never find another girlfriend or that she was the only one for me. No other girl will love us like she did.

Come on now, are those lies really rational? No, they're are absolutely not. Actually, they're plain ridiculous. Don't give in to these lies at all. They will only drag you down and make you do stupid things like call your ex girl a billion times a day trying to convince her of getting back together.


Okay, stop listening to your friends or your dad, and most of all your mom! Start seeking the right kind of help from those who know sure fire ways about how to get her back. This is crucial advice. If you think you can do it by yourself, answer this question honestly: How is that going for you and why are you reading this article? I thought I could do it alone as well, until I got frustrated because everything I tried wasn't working.

Before it was too late, I broke down and got the right information from trusted resources and applied what I learned. That's the plain and simple truth. So, I'm going to get you past the fluff of terrible information and straight to the right resource of how I was able to get my girlfriend back. If you wait to long, you could lose your chance of getting her back forever.

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